20’x40′ HOUSE PLAN – Compact size 3BHK Duplex floor concept (Floor Plan Design Code 1048 )

20×40 plot Ground floor Plan consist of compact & highly optimized floor idea for small family house. 20×40 floor plan 2BHK ground floor plan consist of a small Car parking or Sitout, spacious Living, Staircase,2 Bed Room with A Attached bath room, Kitchen & a pooja room space planned in this.


20×40 floor plan is Suitable to East facing plot, Oriented to match vastu locations, hence east face main door is prefered with a large walk way cum sitout and a car parking.
Spacious living hall,
beautiful external staircase which give good front elevation to house and maximum space utilised.

Building type:

RCC Frame structure,
20×40 floor plan with outer walls are 9″ thick Red bricks wall & internal walls are 6″ solid blocks with necessary columns/pillars as per the structural analysis design drawings and specifications.

Total Built area of floor plan and approximate budget for house construction:

20×40 plot house plan ground floor plan built area around 680 square feets. & as per the plan & architectural design approximate construction cost will be comes around Rs.15 Lacs INR.

Other Design Options of plan in slight changes? How this house design would looks ?

20x40 house basic interior concept
20×40 house basic interior concept
3d Design basic elevation 20x40 plot house design
3d Design basic elevation 20×40 plot house design