What are all the Basics of House planning while designing of floor plans

  1. Aspects of House planning
  2. Intents of house planning
  3. Privacy
  4. Circulation
  5. Spaciousness in house plans
  6. Grouping
  7. Elegance and visual appearance
  8. Sensitization
  9. Flexibility
  10. Economy
  11. Practical considerations

Aspects of House planning: Placement of different rooms of housing accordance with our activities at different hour of day. Rooms should get enough sun li9ght and air which gives great environment, comforts etc. a room which receives light6 & air from particular direction is said to have aspect of that direction.

Types of room:

Living room, drawing room suggested aspect south and south east.

Bedroom- south-west and northwest is suggested aspect.

Dining room- suggested aspect- south east.

Kitchen- suggested aspect- east and north east

Veranda suggested aspect is west and south west

Study room- suggested aspect is north.

Intents of house planning

Prospect is the view from outside of the house. The house should have a proper prospect, so it can give a feeling of cheerfulness to the people living in it.  It should create a good impression on a person who views from outside. It must also possess good qualities, like, comforts, cheerfulness, security, labour saving & modern outlook. For example small projection or bay window can have good outlook as well as helping providing breeze, light and sunlight to the room.

  1. Privacy: it as an important basic for planning a residential house. Privacy can maintained in ways in terms external and internal.
    1. External: the privacy from sites can be secured by providing planned entrance and park ways. These can be achieved by screened the front and rare entrance.
    1. Internal privacy: privacy in internal rooms can be easily obtained by proper planning of different areas and location no doors and windows. The shutter when open should give the minimum view of room for an entering person.
  2. Circulation :

Circulation is the movement within the premises and include both horizontal and vertical circulation.

  1. Horizontal circulation (room to room) : passage, corridor, lobbies so on.
    1. Vertical circulation (floor to floor or stair case)
  2. Spaciousness in house plans
  1. Spaciousness in house plans means getting maximum advantage from the minimum dimension of the room. The effect of the roominess depends on the relative dimension of length, width and height of room. The shape and size of the room are also very important for Spaciousness in house plans a rectangular room has more roominess then square room in same area
  2. Grouping :

Grouping means the arrangement of various in the house for the convenient for users. It minimize the circulation and the same time improves the comforts.

 A dining room should be closed to kitchen, while sanitary be away from kitchen, but convenient to bed rooms.

  • Elegance and visual appearance : elegance is grand appearance of a house attained mainly having to the elevation which in terms depends on the house plan. It depends up on the proper position or selection of door, roofs, windows, balcony, and staircase so on. For better elegance for selecting superior building material for facing as  polished stone granite, marble or mosaic. Providing projection light sun shades, balconies, porch with or without per opening. Providing bay windows, corner window, so on…
  • Sanitization: it includes providing light, ventilation inside house, cleanliness, water supply, sanitary ammonites. For residential building, window area should not less than 10% of floor area.
  • Flexibility: flexibility means that a room which a planned for one function be used for other, if required like study room may be planned for use of guest rooms, so on idea may work best.
  • Economy: minimum floor area with maximum utility. It will reduce cost of the building, hence it will be economical. Economy can achieved by
  • Providing the story height
    • Porch, Lobbies and balconies for home.
  1. Practical consideration: after the all fundamental some practical points should be additionally consider provision for future extension without dismantling should me made while planning. Strength, stability, convenience and comforts, occupancy should be 1st consideration while planning. As per as possible sizes of rooms should be kept large. Large size room can be shorten by providing movable patricians.
  2. Usually less size room cannot be enlarged easily. The number of doors and windows should be minimum provisions for furniture and proper pieces for useful from point of view of utility.