This article also helps a civil engineer or architect to understand how to approach a client and also it helps to clients, exactly to see before you start construction this simple tips and the information what will you do in this article is helping both the people, one is the client and another one is the civil engineer

Legal clearance:

  1. the legal clearance means is is not like documents verified by a lawer.
  2. Verifying site and location physically with a approve person layout plan. Layout plan is show your site number all these things are adjust the details of particular details mentioned in the layout plan and physically going to the site with approved person. He will recognise first.
  3. Measurement of site dimensions either in meter or feet units, know you’re basic of conversions. The unit is very important. The meter and the feet is there. The basic knowledge conversion factors for example one meters =3.281 feet’s
  4. Cross check the boundaries- North, south, east and west, this basic is knowing it the physically verified the site. The most checking out the site landmark.
  5. If possible, take a civil engineer along with while visiting the site.
  6. Documents verification by the lawer.

Project financing

  1. In most of the cases so called owner of the property may not have sufficient funds ready to start and complete the project.
  2. Home plan – purchase of site and construction have many benefits during tax returns.
  3. 80 to 90% of the project will be funded by the financial institutions for constructions at very low rate of interest may be 6.5% to 7%
  4. How these fund and in what stage the funds are being released?

Building licence

  1. Financial institutions inform about your eligibility to get the finance- you are eligible.
  2. Local govt approved civil engineer.
  3. Building licence drawing as per local bylaw rules.
  4. For the prepared drawings to get and estimations ready from the engineer-this will be the reference from your loan amount to be decided by the bank.

Architect plan and elevations

  1. Get a working drawings as per your requirements from an architect/civil engineers who utilize the space properly and place area as per the exact requirement of your personal choice which best suite to your family.
  2. 3d visualizations/ 3d elevations of your house.

Soil testing

  1. Complete structure is resting on the soil, it’s very important to get soil testing done.
  2. Local engineering colleges/civil department or approved testing agencies.

Structural engineering

  1. Structural engineer is the person who advise the client for the safety, of the structure by providing different structural details.
  2. As per the Indian standard referring to code books , he take the loads and other parameters for the safe design of the structure in terms of calculating different loads like live load dead loads, earthquake loads, wind loads. To ensure adequate safety of the structure of your house. Which is few are ignoring and not interested to go for it. But is very important in designing of house. And structural design for construction is very much important and hence making construction as engineered house design.

Civil engineer

  1. Consideration, owners think keeping a bunch of a labours and handling them the plan given by the architect or civil engineer will complete the project.
  2. It will bet the safety, economy, quality and durability of the structure are not guaranteed by the labour who have completed the construction.
  3. Civil engineers guarantee the quality of the project and provide guidance to the clients in all the stages of constructions.
  4. Co-ordinates and reads different drawings provided by the architects or civil engineers and structural engineer

Always involve technical person in the project to complete your dream house ready. Based on above parameters it is very clear that client or customer or owner of the property has to know all the above to complete dream house project successfully.