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PARKING SIZE IN HOUSE PLAN for Hatchback Cars, Sedan cars, SUV Cars GARAGE length & width IN FEETS

What would be the Cars parking Garage length & width in feets?
it is 8’6″x14 ” by considering a longest hatch back car say Hyundai i20 car in length it is 13′ long. so while parking of this car needs at least of minimum 1 feet extra space is required enough to park it. so that 14 feet is enough to park hatchback cars. if we see other hatchback cars like swift vdi, i10, alto all in this segment are shorter in length comparative to i 20 car in length. Building without proper plan which affect on budget on reworks, as well living experience with the design of house”. that is what, always focus to Ensures.
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sedan car parking size

Sedan Cars parking Garage length & width in feets

what is the Sedan Cars parking Garage length & width in feets? it is minimum of 8’6″‘x16’4″ as recommended by space planners. revolved around making inside spaces valuable, pleasing, and incredible by choosing space essentials and focusing on style, structure, and feel. Our work fuses the districts that are inside and outside a space, and remembering that we may make it look straightforward, making spaces that predict our client’s needs and advance to their emotions with interior design concepts.

suv cars parking size

SUV Cars parking Garage length & width in feets

SUV Cars parking Garage length & width in feets? recommends parking siZe for SUV cars 9’x16’6″ minimum is enough. Hyundai Venue car length, KIA Seltos car length, Hyundai Creta car length, Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza car length, Mahindra XUV car length, Tata Harrier car length, Tata Nexon car length all these segment actual size of cars are 6’3″ in width. 15’3″ in length. 5’9″ in height. so that we recommend to have the SUV car parking space minimum should have 9’x16’6″. however is is advisable to have extra sufficient space to open all doors & ease of parking inside the house.

How to Prepare Floor plans for house?

Space Planning always should be done with reference to the feasibility of multiple aspects. like future road elevating height, plumbing/electrical services lines, natural ventilation, Orientation with scientific vastu. Noise at interior, structural safety, safe against theft, safe location of equipments/Utilities/pool & balcony railings, Fire safety (Example: a simple arrangements can be made to keep the gas cylinder outside house from our kitchen through a little copper pipeline work. is’t it a value engineering & obtaining a eco friendly concept is must. that’s what the difference House Plans center ensuring during the floor. Read more…

compact sedan parking size

Compact size Sedan Cars parking Garage length & width in feets

What is Compact size Sedan Cars parking Garage length & width in feets? minimum size required recommended by 8’6″x15’4″. considering such cars like Swift desire car length, Ford figo car length, xcent car length, such compact sedan cars length is 13’8 to 14’3″ maximum. by considering 1 feet additional to this for minimum ease of parking 15’4″ is sufficient for park compact size sedan cars. it is important to design sufficient space to best utilizing of land space.

two wheeler parking size

2 Wheelers Parking size

What is the 2 Wheelers Parking size? Recommends minimum space for a 2 Wheeler parking is 2’10″x6’3″. based of on our expertise in space planning at small size plots where i expensive cost of land. 2 wheelers like length of Honda Activa, length of Suzuki Access, length of Honda Dio, length of TVS NTORQ, length of TVS Jupiter, length of normal scooters. it required little more space if you want to park little bigger 2 wheelers like Royal Enfield Classic 350, Yamaha YZF R15 V3, Bajaj Pulsar RS200, KTM 200. for these bykes required minimum 3′ in width & 7′ in length. it is wise to decide how big size of parking space is required enough to park our vehicle inside the house. so that it can be helpful to utilise more space inside the house. just image the each extra square feet of space inside the room will be more advantage & spacious room size.