South is not a bad direction as per vastu?

South is not a bad direction as per vastu?

Question during vastu consulting that question is south is a bad direction. like South facing house vastu plan. This article is based on the topic this is one scripture called shilp Prakash which is a standard scripture of vastu shastra there is a commentary called shilpa Prakash on it. No direction is bad direction, now the question is why many experts and vastu consultants are saying that south is bad direction. why may people considering south facing house, shop or office .

South is not a bad direction as per vastu, South facing house vastu plan

if we google or YouTube we will find that many experts are saying that south is a bad direction, because south is direction of mars or south is direction of god of death( Yama). death is not the only meaning of Yama. There is one another meaning that is a religion or rule of Yama king is also dharma king. That means that cannot be the reason while design of South facing house vastu plan.

South facing house vastu

Standard text of vastu, south facing house plan or south facing shops plan can give benefits that means you will get health & wealth, the questing is why south is considering bad direction because there is an only one place where we can make main door and if there is aslope in south direction then that is bad. These are the only 2 reasons I will explain both in details if we see ant text of vastu shastrs then we will find that we can make main door in any direction and as we all know that we usually place main door in the direction where is the door or in the direction of our house that means all the vastu shastra text says that we can place our main door in any direction.

South facing house vastu plan

If we see carefully then there are 3 option s for placing main door in the north direction in east direction. 3 options, 2 option in west direction. But there is only one option in south direction which is a place called gruhashat that is the only place where we can make our main door in south facing house, that is only the reason people consider south is a bad direction. Remember this statement as well as we all know that we give more importance to main door in vastu. I would like to tell you about where south facing house because there is only one place which is gruhashat. First of all we will have seen which is south direction to place the main door as per vastu for south facing house plan or south facing shops plan.

South facing shops vastu plan

In South facing house vastu plan, Area between south – east & south west is called south direction. All you need to do is go to your plot/home/office see the direction from center of it and see and measure the area between south east & south west for example: the area is 90 feet all you need to do is divide that with 9 in vastu, ideal size is 9 x 9 vastu purusha Mandal. So when we divide that 90 feet from 9 zone of 10 feet you will get 9 zone of 10 feet your will get 9 zone of 10 feet each in south direction for South facing house vastu plan .

South facing shops vastu plan

The fourth zone is called as gruhashat. I have given an example of 90 feet, that’s why we got one zone of 10 feet, so you can build main door inn a zone which is after 30 feet from south east and before 40feets from south west and scriptures has clearly stated that you will get benefits by doing that a vastu text’ samraghn sutradhar says if you have plot or house in south direction and you place the main door in grushst then you will get may benefits and developments.

So just remember that there is not mention of south of bad direction for construction of house or shops or office. If is mentioned zone only no this else let’s think about other part was bad in south direction is slop in that direction we usually construction of our dream house above the ground level, that means, there will be slope in the direction of our vastu is facing that means we will construction  of our house above ground level if there is a slope in south direction  then you will face wealth & health issues we can use engineering tech or some kind of architecture design where we can avoid slope in the south direction if we do slope then we will get vastu benefits that’s means you will get good health & wealth best optimized South facing house vastu plan .

South facing vastu plan

Your life will be disciplined because south is the direction of Yama. Yama means pules, disciplines religion so you will be disciplined. If you want to live good life, 4 Varna mentioned if you want to live religions then you are Brahmin, if you want to live life then you bhramhina & kshaktria, remember the statement that south is not a bad direction. There is only one option to place main door which is the gruhasta and if there is a slope in south direction then there are chances of loss in wealth & health. If we can manage that slope using engineering tech or architectural design. Just remember the statement and see this when you buy new property or leaving in such south facing house plan or south facing shops plan or office.

 vastu plan, house plans as per vastu

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