What are glazed vitrified tiles?

Glazed verified tiles called it for it’s finishing smoothness & shainy.

Touch finish is similar to glass surface.

What would be the cost of tiling a vitrified tile in Bangalore?

tiles for house construction
tiles for house construction

it’s purely depends on many aspects such as floor design, appearance of floor, Design & Quality of tiles. Special features of flooring like glazed wall & floor tiles, anti-skid floor, water proof tiles. As suggest by your Engineer or architect in charge of house designs consultant,

Basic cost of selected verified tile (low-high: Rs 45 to Rs 280 Rate per square feet)

Labour cost varies depending on up on if quantity is more get cheaper, lesser gets slightly more (17–28 Rs per square feet)

Sometimes lead & lift/transportation may added to cost of tilling to your house.

Including all materials, tools & plants roughly can say 90 to 240 Rs per Sq.ft (Low to high)

How do we calculate the number of tiles in a 40’*60′ area in house construction?

Need to calculate Floor area + skirting +add  wastage of 5%

Say my thumb role on usual practice= floor area x 1.12

How do I remove concrete inside plastic pipes used for wiring in house?

This one is a Good question.

But it may need reason why should you want to remove conduct pipe?

If you are looking for increasing strength of RCC structure it may old or new,

Answer is- You ca go for Pressure grouting to be done be professionals.

(Pressure Grouting for RCC structure- method is Liquid based chemical will be feed by pressure Grouting tools & it will be set at a good strength as concrete, its almost 95% works to achieve strength in structure)

I planning to wooden flooring to my house, Does a bathroom door step made of granite pose any disadvantages?

HousePlansCenter.com will suggest you to provide anti skid granite stone slab piece. Which matching to your floor colour shades. Granite flooring is ever lasting it it gives premium look to your house.

Because, since bath room in house is a water logged area exposed to moisture, this is better than wood or other material.

if width of the strip, is less than half feet. no disadvantage.. if more than that due to slippage better to have rough finish/ anti skidding surface.