What will be the cost of a 2000 sq ft two-storey residential building foundation stage in india?

The cost of 2000 square feet 2storey residential building in foundation stage will be depending on the structural design requirements, cost of raw material in your locality. Design of foundation for house cannot be predicted blindly & non technically.

   Because based on soil conditions structural elements like footing size, depth of foundation, earth work, and stone masonry work will be executed. If black cotton/slushy soil, sesmic geo locations means your cost of construction for foundation will be almost double of normal soil. & It is must be ensure in all terms of structural safety not only just a beautiful house designs.

Coming to the point, 2000sft building of 2storey. Means I guess 1000sft in ground floor & 1000sft in first floor.  cost of construction for 1000sft foundation area in normal conditions will be Rs 9lacs to 14Lacs. any help you can contact us HouseplansCenter.com

Without structural analysis it is not suggested to start construction of house. In case of single floor house design means somewhat okay but after 10 or 15 years later if you wish to upgrade your house means, your foundation will not withstand the loading of extra floors at upper levels. So that it is better to get structural design before starting of construction of house along with floor plans and 3d designs for house construction. Any help you may contact HousePlansCenter.com-Live

Planning to build 3 floors apartment, 2 house of 2bhk for each floor and ground floor for parking in 6.3cent in india in 2021. Please estimate how much does it cost to complete the full building?
Estimated construction as on today for 3 floor apartment 2 houses each floor approximately Rs 2000 per square foot area its is depending on the floor are you planning build. Hope you are planned to build in a smaller built area is a great Idea. Designs, drawings and technical advice you may contact us. We are happy to help you.

What is the weight of steel per cubic meter? How is this determined?

7850kg is standard weight as per IS standards this will helps technical analysis of structural design of building and load & bending moments calculations in actual theoretical designs.

How long should I cover a new concrete slab for it to cure properly?

Curing is very much essential for RCC elements like footings, columns, beams, roof slab and also for plastering surfaces. Gunny bags, typically dried rice grass better option to cure. 28days Curing must to gain designed strength.. during construction of your house a proper curing has to be done without any reason. Bcos cement requires it! Technically curing is the process ‘Loss of heat due to hydration’ it has to be done. In practically we seen at house construction site, it is really unfair to see if our workers focussing on completion of new house as per design.

Architectural/ concept design: Will be done by architect or a Civil engineer.

Structural /steel reinforcement design: will only able to do by a structural designer (civil engineer or mtech structure guy)

Plumbing & sanitorory design : by a plumbing design by a plumbing engineer/civil engineer/mechanical engineer)

Electrical design: only Electrical engineer will do

Mechanical items like lift: mechanical engineer

All types of design should be done with the perfect co-ordination. Typically a good experienced architect or a Civil engineer can handle at best.