What should be included in a perfect 3 BHK house floor plan of a beautiful house?
Let me explain “3BHK”
Stands for house consist of 3 bed rooms + Hall + kitchen
Along with utensils depending on own requirements like attach bath, Prayer/Pooja, staircase & elevator, Entry foyer, balcony, attest a car parking, ups space inside the house especially preferable at Foyer itself at avoid beeping noise, accommodating Utility or washing area, spacious utilizing of plot in a perfect way. Its depending more on your specific requirements if anything is missing. You may feel free to contact us.. we will be happy to help you.

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What are the best east facing duplex house plan for a 25×20 or 30×20 sq ft built-up area on each floor with 1 bed on the ground floor and 2 bedrooms on the first floor?
Design of house in smaller plots is more challenging then bigger plots. However it’s more worthy of a duplex house fulfil our personal requirements by accommodating spacious utilizing of plot. You may try here for similar concepts in this link & also you can contact us we will design it based on your actual requirement Or any base concepts you like most.
My house has just been built recently, but due to rain, there is a dampness in the corner of the walls of some rooms. What should I do?
You can go for
1) House External painting with 2 coats any water proof painting
2) House Building surrounding 2–3feet concrete floor laying with outward slope towards your outer wall of your building.
Above Technique is for moderate damp. If more is there in addition to above may be required to do a damp proof retaining wall at peripheral to outer wall up to ground level, further details you can discuss with an Engineer.

What is the correct position of a Master bedroom is placed in a house as per vastu floor design?
For master bedroom, it is said to be at South West portion (Kuber corner)
In vastu, believed as this corner is meant for prosperity & best position of master bed room in house design,
You may try for similar plans in our website (HousePlansCenter.com) and if you wish you can ask them to do it for you at best house concept.

You can please have a visit on page Related to Vastu -https://houseplanscenter.com/vastu-design-for-living-comfort-harmony-health/

How do we calculate the number of tiles in a 40’*60′ area in house construction?
Need to calculate Floor area + skirting +add wastage of 5%
Say my thumb role on usual practice= floor area x 1.12